Valley Pride Mineral


Frenchman Valley Feed minerals carry the necessary macro minerals and micro minerals at the appropriate levels and ratios to address mineral deficiencies in forages and help provide cattle the nutritional requirements needed throughout the year. Frenchman Valley Feed mineral provides vitamin supplementation as well, such as vitamins A, D, and E. Which are important in supporting good health and fertility. Frenchman Valley Feed minerals have high bioavailability as we only use sulfate-form microminerals rather than oxide-form microminerals, with the exception of magnesium oxide, which is absorbed well.

Frenchman Valley Feed has a line of minerals for different seasons of the year that are manufactured only using the 7-gram dosage rate of Availa 4. Availa 4 is a combination of highly complexed zinc, manganese, copper, and cobalt that is designed to help meet the trace mineral demands of your herd. When Availa 4 is used at the proper dosage, like in Frenchman Valley minerals, it can be a huge benefit to birth, reproduction, growth, and heard development. Frenchman Valley Feed also uses XP Yeast in the top line minerals which supports healthy digestion. It has a prebiotic effect that promotes a healthy balance of the rumen bacteria and optimizes a good rumen effect. Talk to a Frenchman Valley Feed Sales Rep. to see how we can bring health and profit to your herd.


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