Fuel and Propane Contracting...

Fuel Contracts...The fixed contract is the most popular at this time. We will contract fuel for later delivery in any number of gallons you wish, at a specific price determined by current market conditions. These contracts require no money down.

Maximum price contracts are becoming increasingly popular. With the current volatility in the market place, a max price contract allows you to lock in your maximum price and still take advantage of any downside movements. Maximum price contracts require an administrative fee to be paid (or billed to your account) at the time of contracting.

Propane Contracts...Fixed price contracts are available for winter heating. A 10 cent per gallon deposit is required on all fixed price winter heating contracts. The 10 cents per gallon is then credited back for each gallon delivered at the time of every delivery.

We also offer maximum price contracts that work exactly the same as in the above fuel contracts. It offers you a ceiling on the price of the propane, and yet also offers you the advantage of lower cost if the market falls.



Diesel Tank Cleaning Service...The petroleum division offers a unique diesel fuel tank cleaning program. KLEENSWEEP 2000 is engineered to remove unwanted contamination from diesel fuel in above ground diesel storage tanks. The fuel is recycled through a filtering system to remove dirt, rust and other contaminants from the fuel.

According to Country Energy Technical Services Department, 85-90% of diesel fuel problems are from dirt, water and rust contamination. Even a large percentage of cold weather problems could be eliminated by proper on the farm tank maintenance. Tech Services recommends checking for water, draining if necessary, and changing storage tank filters twice a year as basic minimum requirements. It is also suggested on-farm storage tanks be cleaned once every two years. Dirty tanks can increase your costs due to increased maintenance, repairs and downtime.

  • Tank Size: 2,000 gallons or less: cost is $1.50 per mile (one way) or $100 for the first hour plus $60.00 prorated per hour on tanks taking longer than one hour to clean and $45.00 for filter.
  • FVC will credit back 4 cents per gallon when you fill your clean tank with Harness or Harness OTR Diesel (up to 1,000 gallons). This is a credit of up to $40 off the cost to have your tank cleaned. (Not applicable on semi-load prices).



Fuel Tank Monitors...If convenience, saving money and using the latest technology interest you then contact FVC about their fuel tank monitoring system.

This revolutionary system allows you to monitor the daily level of fuel in your tank. You never need to worry about running out of fuel. When your tank reaches a certain level, our bulk delivery trucks are dispatched to your locations. Tanks can be set up on consumption billing. This means that you only pay for the fuel that you use. You also get the advantage of average monthly billing which has proven to be a money saving feature for our patrons.

How it works: A monitor is set up for your fuel tank(s) to monitor the level of fuel in it. Readings are sent to a controller from the monitors and the tank level controller, which is placed in a sheltered location such as a house, shed or barn, receives tank level readings from the tank monitor. The monitor records the level during the day and the controller relays the information to a FVC computer via phone line. This will not interfere with your phone lines. It is also possible to have interent access to your tank for $12.00 per year.


  • Reduce risk of "out of fuel" situations. We find your maximum daily usage and see that you always have fuel.
  • Consumption billing. Don't pay for it all at once, only pay for what you use; saving you money in interest. Consumption billing is based on the average monthly price (unless you have a fuel contract). With the volatility in the market, you will not have to worry about paying highs and lows.
  • Contract and "buyout" options. Contracting is availabe or you have the option to buy the unbilled product in your tank if you feel the price is right.
  • With the "right size" of tanks, you will receive a 2 cent per gallon discount on all fuel delivered by tank wagon.


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