Bulk Oil System...Have 55 gallon drums got you over a barrel?

For a one time lease fee of $50.00 per tote, we can help eliminate messy, heavy oil drums. We also have a trailer specifically designed to haul bulk oil to your location.

Our tote's unique design makes oil storage neat, clean and convenient contributing to an overall better working environment for you and your employees. The tanks are strong and will last a lifetime! It's a wonderful alternative to dispensing oil from messy drums! Other advantages include:

  • They are made of high density polyethylene plastc with v-groove sides for strength,
  • Have see-through plastic so you can see the oil levels at all times and never run out,
  • All have embedded gauges on the side so you will no longer guess at the oil level.

Put the advantages of our bulk oil system to work for you and eliminate:

  • Unused oil in the bottom of "empty" 55 gallon drums,
  • Drum deposits,
  • Loss of deposit due to damaged drums,
  • Messy shop areas,
  • Possible ground contamination from empoly drums stored outside,
  • Down-time moving 55 or 30 gallon drums,
  • Clutter from drum storage.

Our bulk oil system program is used by farmers, contractors, fleets, service centers and manufacturers to eliminate the hassles associated with 55 gallon drums. It will even save you money when you purchase through our program. Call and let us see how our system can work for you (308) 882-3231 or (800) 538-2667.






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